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25th Anniversary Celebrations

In celebration of the 26 year collaboration between The Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders at Michigan State University in the USA, UCL, and London colleagues, Drs. Leo Deal, Paul Cooke, and Peter LaPine hosted a reception at Chandler House 26 July. Dr. Leo Deal first brought a group of 19 students to London in 1985, with the goal of exposing students to international aspects of communicative disorders. After more than two decades, 500 students have been introduced to the importance and variations of English dialectics; providing services under a national health care program; integrating multi-cultural components into the therapeutic process (including the use of interpreters); and using a holistic approach for prevention, assessment, and treatment.

Without a doubt, our London colleagues (and now friends) have served as role models for our students. Their professionalism, passion for their endeavors, and compassion for serving others, both in the UK and abroad have been a foundation of this educational experience. “It was our pleasure to honor the lecturers, clinicians, researchers, and administrators who have been instrumental in expanding the outlook of our students as we celebrate the past and look forward to the future”, said Dr. Cooke.

A powerpoint presentation of some of the images taken at the event can be downloaded here (6mb)