Qualitative Researchers Working Group

The Qualitative Researchers Working Group is a researcher-led forum in the UCL Division of Psychiatry that provides a meeting point for researchers to share and explore ideas and techniques in qualitative research. It is run mainly through quarterly seminars that encourage an intellectually dynamic yet supportive atmosphere for debate and discussion, allowing early career and experienced researchers from any academic discipline to present, experiment with, work through and learn about qualitative theory, methods and writing. The group is also part of the cross-faculty UCL Qualitative Researchers Health Network, which hosts larger biannual symposia and further seminars.

Small group seminars

These quarterly seminars support discussion around qualitative research by setting an issue or problem that encourages the group to examine qualitative methods and practice, interrogate classic qualitative concepts, and explore the place of qualitative research in research contexts dominated by alternative approaches. Here, there is also opportunity for researchers to raise particular aspects of their own work for discussion or support. Materials are usually disseminated beforehand to encourage fuller discussions. These seminars are coordinated and chaired by members of the Qualitative Researchers Working Group.

Large group seminars

These seminars are held every four months and are led by invited scholars who discuss their own work in the context of wider issues around qualitative theory methods, and writing. These seminars are coordinated and chaired by the UCL Qualitative Health Research Network.


These symposia are held every two years and allow for researchers from around the world to present work in oral and poster presentations following an internationally disseminated call for papers and process of peer review. Previous calls centred on showcasing and enriching qualitative inquiry in health and illness. Symposia are coordinated and chaired by the UCL Qualitative Health Research Network, of which the Qualitative Researchers Working Group is a core group. Our 3rd symposium—“Enhancing Engagement, Co-production, and Collaborative Meaning-Making in Qualitative Health Research”—was held in February 2017 and was supported by a Wellcome Trust Small Grant.


The group holds an evolving archive of resources to enable researchers to engage with qualitative research. We keep some books in Division and a list of electronic references. If you would like more information please email us or sign up to our mailing list.


  • Henry Llewellyn
  • Kirsten Moore
  • Nuriye Kupeli
  • Sebastien Libert