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Provost’s Long View: UCL staff survey results

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Staff survey

All the achievements of this great university are driven by the quality and commitment of our staff. Our excellence in teaching, research and innovation depends on the efforts of people working at all levels; and our continued success will only come through having an engaged community, committed to the values that we stand for, and rewarded appropriately.

Provost's View: Our shared interest in intellectual curiosity

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Marc Woodham

After nearly six months as President & Provost of UCL, I still feel that I have barely scratched the surface of learning about this wonderfully complex organisation.

Provost’s View: UCL and the IOE – a shared future

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One of the great strengths of UCL is our restless spirit, never wanting to stand still. Many of you will be aware that we now have a really substantial opportunity for innovation, following the decisions over the past week or so of the Councils of UCL and the Institute of Education (IOE) to enter into negotiations regarding a move from the existing strategic partnership to a permanent merger.

Provost’s View: The future of philanthropy at UCL

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As you will know from previous Provost’s View pieces, we are currently rewriting UCL’s strategy, which will define our vision and ambition for the coming decades. Before signposting those areas where we can make a purposeful, positive and profound difference, we need to take stock of where we are today. This means understanding where we have come from and how we got here. For UCL, this is, to a significant degree, a story of philanthropy.

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