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Provost’s View 28/11/2013: Connecting with the UCL community

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Biochem QAP

One of the many privileges of being President & Provost is that I have the opportunity to interact with such a wide range of people who represent the different facets that together make UCL such a great institution.

Provost’s View 21/11/2013: The quality of debate

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Research council income summary

Academic institutions, in my experience, are renowned for their culture of debate and challenge. Since my arrival at UCL, I have seen ample evidence that we match other institutions for the level of discussion – and often disagreement – about a wide variety of issues; but also that we are distinguished by the quality of debate.

Provost’s View 14/11/2013: Our position in London

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As a key part of our vision is to be London’s Global University, we are often focused on the global element but, perhaps because of familiarity, we seem to spend less time thinking about our role and impact in London.

Provost's Long View: What makes a university world class?

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President & Provost Professor Michael Arthur

In my first two months as President & Provost of UCL, I have seen a great deal that confirms the view that we work and study in a truly world-class university.

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