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Provost’s View 31/10/2013: Listening to our students and staff

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Students Provost View

Two months into being the new UCL President and Provost, I remain on a steep learning curve and am still coming across some aspects of my role and responsibilities for the first time.

Provost’s View 24/10/2013: The journey towards defining our ambition

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When you are appointed to such an important and distinguished position as President & Provost of UCL, you instantly start to absorb everything you can from reading about and visiting the university, and meeting its key opinion formers at all levels.

Provost's View 17/10/2013: Our interdisciplinary culture

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Institute of Americas

My journey around UCL continues to astound me and my willingness to learn about the organisation by being ‘out and about’ ­ ­─ both seeing and listening ─ seems to be going down well.

Provost's Long View: My vision for UCL 

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President & Provost Professor Michael Arthur

In the first edition of a new monthly column, President & Provost Professor Michael Arthur outlines his initial thoughts on how the university can build on a record of tremendous success to address the challenges ahead.

Provost’s View 03/10/13: Tackling space issues at UCL

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Professor Michael Arthur in the Flaxman gallery

After only a short time as Provost, it is with apologies that I turn to an early and hopefully premature discussion of my potential demise, but I am fairly certain that if my departure from this earth were to occur sooner rather than later, my tombstone would read; ‘Professor Michael Arthur, President & Provost of UCL (2013–?). He died of space and estates issues’.

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