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Proteomics plays a central role in post-genomic molecular biology, biomedicine and discovery of biomarkers and drug targets. In the past decade, Mass Spectrometry (MS) has emerged as the dominant technology for in-depth characterisation of the protein components of biological systems. Because of its unparalleled ability to acquire high content quantitative information about biological samples of high complexity, MS is a major driving force behind proteomics science.

UCL Proteomics co-ordinates existing proteomics activities at UCL and is a multi-site proteomics/mass spectrometry centre that now links the current UCL proteomics groups. It provides expertise and facilities in cutting-edge proteomics research.

The aims of UCL Proteomics are to:

Provide an interface for potential users of proteomic technologies to get information on matters such as availability of facilities, expertise, typical sample requirements, news, publications, the strengths of the different types of MS equipment and proteomics strategies
Provide an academic environment for maintaining and developing proteomics knowledge and expertise
Coordinate collaboration amongst various groups
Provide new information and guidance from the Human Proteome Organization and other national and international proteomics organizations
Provide educational activities

UCL Proteomics supports state-of-the-art mass spectrometry, quantitative protein profiling, shotgun proteomics, MS tissue imaging and metabolomics expertise. In addition, UCL Proteomics is experienced in building the databases needed to effectively analyse, archive, and interpret the large amounts of protein data that are produced by proteomics experiments.

UCL Proteomics consists of four research groups:

Prof J. Godovac-Zimmermann's Rayne Institute Molecular Cell Dynamics Group

Prof J. Hsuan's RF CBS Proteomics Unit

Dr K. Mills' ICH Mass Spectrometry Group

Dr J. Timms' IfWH Cancer Proteomics Group

Prof J. Godovac-Zimmermann's Division of Medicine Molecular Cell Dynamics Group Prof J. Hsuan's RF CBS Proteomics Unit Dr K. Mills' ICH UCL Mass Spectrometry Group Dr J. Timms' UCL IfWH Cancer Proteomics Group

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