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If you would like further information, please contact:

Louise Sung
E: louise.sung@ucl.ac.uk
T: 020 3108 1088

Explore UCL
Explore UCL
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School visits to UCL

School targeting

Please note that our school visits service is open to non selective state schools which have a high proportion of students in receipt of free school meals (20% or higher), and should be aimed at highly able or gifted and talented students who will be the first in their family to go to university.

Primary visits

We offer university visits for primary schools for groups of 20–30 pupils in Years 5 and 6. The visits aim to introduce pupils to the idea of university. Pupils will have the opportunity to explore the campus, meet university students and take part in their own graduation ceremony at the end of the visit.

Please email Louise Sung louise.sung@ucl.ac.uk to arrange your visit.

Higher Education Awareness Day (HEAD) visits

We offer half-day HEAD visits to UCL for groups of 25–50 secondary pupils (Years 7 to 11). Pupils take part in a visit tailored to their age group and ability level. Visits include a welcome presentation and workshop, an opportunity to meet UCL student ambassadors and a scavenger hunt tour of the campus.

  • Years 7, 8 and 9: Why university, why now?
  • Year 10: Making choices
  • Year 11: Mind the gap: preparing for A levels

We can also offer an interactive lecture to give pupils a chance to experience studying at university level. The taster lectures are delivered by UCL PhD students, and are designed to challenge the pupils by introducing them to a subject they may not have studied before.

Examples of lectures are ‘Who Wants to Live Forever? The Biology of Ageing and Immortality’ and ‘What Do Babies Know? An Introduction to Child Psychology’.

Please email Louise Sung louise.sung@ucl.ac.uk to arrange a date for your visit.