Extended Project

Years 12 and 13

UCL supports Year 12 and 13 students undertaking the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) as part of our commitment to the development of study skills as preparation for university degrees.

Please note, EPQ support at UCL is available for students from state schools only. Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate groups from independent schools.

Please continue to check this page for details of forthcoming workshops in Summer 2015.

Getting Started with Your EPQ: Beginners' Workshop

This two hour interactive workshop is aimed at students who have decided to undertake the EPQ but have not yet chosen a topic or begun their research. The following areas will be covered:

  • The benefits of completing the EPQ, especially when considering applying to competitive universities such as UCL
  • Time management
  • Preparing for academic assignments
  • Structuring the EPQ
  • Choosing a topic
  • Sources of research
  • Note taking
  • Critical and analytical reading and writing

The workshop is followed by a tour of UCL lead by Student Ambassadors.

EPQ Research Day: Advanced Support

The research day is aimed at students who have already decided upon a title for their project and begun some initial research. Students who have attended the beginners’ workshop may book to attend this day as a follow-on activity.

Students may apply for a place on a research day individually without having attended the beginners' workshop.

The day will include:

  • Workshop on research and referencing
  • Small group meetings with UCL Student Ambassadors, who are studying a related subject, to discuss EPQ planning
  • Access to the UCL libraries
  • Free time for research in UCL libraries, supervised and assisted by UCL Student Ambassadors
  • Lunch provided

Students who complete the research day will be given access to the UCL libraries for the duration of their EPQ projects.

We will give priority to students who meet several or all of the academic and demographic criteria listed below:

Academic Criteria
• Students who achieved Grade C or higher in GCSE Maths and English Language
• Students who are predicted a minimum of ABB for their A levels and who are taking a fourth AS subject, or minimum 34 points for IB

Social Criteria
• Students who are in local authority care (these students will be given a high priority)
• Students who come from lower income backgrounds (we assess this by looking at parental occupation and students’ eligibility for free school meals)
• Students who come from families with no history of higher education (this means neither parent has been to university)
• Students who live in neighbourhoods with a lower rate of participation in higher education (this is assessed by looking at the student’s postcode) 

We cannot accept applications from students who attend independent schools.

*Please note, you must have a title for your EPQ before applying for a place on one of the research days.