Loan Boxes

We have a variety of loan boxes with unusual objects for students to handle.

The boxes have been specially developed to support the national curriculum and loan boxes currently available cover study units within History, Science, Art, and Citizenship. They can be used to support Gifted and Talented programmes and to provide curriculum enrichment for all pupils.

A loan box usually contains about 12 to 15 genuine artefacts from our collections, with some replicas. There is also a pack of background information and a pack of activities with each box, relating to a specific key stage, although the objects can often be used very successfully with all ages from Year 1 up to Year 12 (details available on enquiry). You can borrow a loan box free of charge for up to three weeks at a time. Subjects of the loan boxes are:

Animals and biodiversity

From fossils to butterflies, including coral, feathers and bones; a great introduction to the animal world. Two boxes available, one with an activity pack focused on art.

Ancient Greece

Ancient objects to handle such as perfume pots, jars and decorated pieces of pottery.

Citizenship and identity

Fingerprinting, measuring your head size, looking at glass eyes – what do physical appearances tell us about people?

People in art

Copies of paintings and drawings of people and a range of materials to make your own portraits: Chinese brushes, quill pens, chalk and charcoal.

Rocks and geology

Rock and mineral samples, from volcanoes to the River Thames, for finding out what the Earth is made of.