Student Views

"It was a useful experience for me, helping with the transition from secondary to A Level, then from A Level to university."

More information on the summer school is available in the Explore UCL brochure.


What do I need to do as a parent or guardian?

  • Please read the Summer School web pages where you can find out more about the sessions at the Summer School.
  • Your child can apply for a place using an online application form.
  • If you are happy for your son or daughter to attend the Summer School, please complete the parental consent section on the application form.
  • We will contact you directly to confirm your consent once we have received your child's application form
  • Your son or daughter will need to include the name and contact details of their teacher for the teacher's reference.  We will send the teacher's reference to your son's or daughter's teacher
  • Applications for the Explore UCL Year 11 Summer School are now open.
  • Your child can apply by completing the following Application form.
  • The application deadline is 13 March 2015.