Student Views

"I learnt an immense amount about university life."

More information on the summer school is available in the Explore UCL brochure.

What is the Summer School?

  • At the Summer School students will have the opportunity to explore a range of academic subjects offered at UCL.
  • Students will choose which strand they wish to follow at the time of application:

    • Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences or Science strand
    • Technology, Engineering and Maths strand
  • The Summer School will provide an introduction to the different methods of teaching and learning at university; with lectures, group work, and hands-on activities. The lecturers will be looking for open-minded students who are willing to engage with new subjects and ideas.
  • There will be sessions on study skills, student life and careers to help students prepare for university and beyond.
  • Students will work in small groups with other students from across London. Each group will have a current UCL student working as a mentor and group leader.
  • The group leader will lead their group in research activities and at the end of the week students will present their research to the rest of the students.
  • The group leaders will be on hand to answer any questions about studying at university and participants will gain an insight into student life.