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Junior Masterclasses (Years 10-11)

Junior Masterclasses give you a taste of learning at university. Pick from a range of academic subjects – you could choose a subject you study at school, or a completely new subject.

The masterclasses are entertaining, hands-on sessions run by UCL academics. You’ll get the chance to look around UCL, and you’ll meet other young people from across London.

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Applications for the Year 10 and 11 masterclasses in the October half-term 2014 are now closed. 

We will be running a new set of masterclasses in the February half-term 2015. More information on these new classes will be available in November 2014.

Details of sessions we have previously offered can be found below: 


A Game with Words: How language works

We use language everyday for many different purposes, but often we do not even notice the words that we use. One of the things you do when you study literature at university is learn to think about language and about how we use words. In this class we will perform some experiments with words in order to discover how language works. We will also do a few short writing exercises together.

'O Brave New World': The Impact of Exploration and Colonisation

How has exploration changed English literature and food? How were ideas from law and politics used to justify the English colonisation of North America? In this class we will use objects, literature and debate to think about the lasting impact that exploration and colonisation had on people, places and cultures in the past (1600-1700).

Translation in Film and Theatre

Have you ever wondered why subtitles are inexact? If we are familiar with the original language, we can often spot that a subtitled film is not conveying the full detail of its source. But what about when we don't know the source language, or when a film or play is adapted to fit the expectations of the audience? This Junior Masterclass examines translation as a cultural force in film and theatre. Thinking about how performance on stage or screen reflects the fact that translation has taken place, we will write short dialogues in English, and then think about how they are affected by performance on stage or screen, especially when translation is involved. We will also try some basic subtitling. Our aim is to gain a deeper understanding of the role of translation in intercultural communication.

* Please note this masterclass will be taught in English but is suitable for  students studying a GCSE in a modern language.

Illuminating Medicine: How can physics make you better?

How can we image different parts and functions of the human body? In this masterclass we show how physics is applied in the main medical imaging techniques, such as ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and x-rays. You will have the chance to discover the human body from a completely different perspective and use some real medical equipment such as an ultrasound scanner to see internal body structures, and a pulse oximeter to measure your blood oxygen levels.

Privacy and freedom of expression in today's world

Today's world is significantly inter-connected. Vast amounts of information are being shared across different forums such as facebook, twitter and the mainstream media. If we look at this phenomenon closely, people want to know more about what is happening in the world and want to communicate their opinions as soon as they can. Yet where does this leave our privacy and freedom of expression? This masterclass will investigate the effects of increased communications on our society and privacy.

We also run Junior Masterclasses for pupils in years 8 and 9.