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Junior Masterclasses (Years 10-11)

Junior Masterclasses give you a taste of learning at university. Pick from a range of academic subjects – you could choose a subject you study at school, or a completely new subject.

The masterclasses are entertaining, hands-on sessions run by UCL academics. You’ll get the chance to look around UCL, and you’ll meet other young people from across London.

Please note: Applications for the Year 10 and 11 masterclasses have now closed for this academic year.

Below are details of the sessions we ran this year:


Student Tales from Oxyrhynchus Papyri

We are going to take ourselves back to the second and third centuries of our era when Egypt was under Roman rule but the people of this multicultural society were writing in Greek. About 100 miles south of Cairo lies the city of Oxyrhynchus, literally 'the city of the sharp-nosed fish'. What the inhabitants of Oxyrhynchus would have never imagined is that all their unwanted documents, thrown away in rubbish dumps, were exactly those that were preserved. This workshop aims to show how students in Oxyrhynchus lived through their very own handwriting. We will attempt to write on real papyrus with reed pens and ink using the Greek alphabet, just like the Oxyrhynchite students. Will our handwriting be any better than theirs?

The Puzzle of Vision: Why is your iPhone a better camera than your eyeball?

We will investigate what the surprising failures of your eyes tell us about the human visual system, combing evidence from biology, neuroscience and psychology. 


What does Maths tell us about the world?

How can maths help you win at baseball? How do prime numbers keep your bank details secret? What's the best strategy for pirates dividing up their gold? Can you make a beanie hat as strong as a crash helmet? How do thousands of fireflies know how to flash in time with each other? Maths is the the best tool to solve all of these problems. This masterclass explores these and many more  of the amazing things maths can tell us about the world.

Make a space! Architects don't design houses, architects make spaces.

Architects don't design houses, architects make spaces. This masterclass will explore different to utilise space using paper and photography. It will include a session on model making and inventing new ways of space making.

Through the Fantastical Looking Glass: Literary and 'Real' Monsters of the Victorian Age

This masterclass will delve into the darkly fantastical realm of Victorian Monsters. Through such deliciously terrifying figures as Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, the Morlocks, and the real yet infinitely elusive Jack the Ripper. We will explore the ways in which Victorian monsters reflected the repressed fears, uncertainties, frustrations, and elicit desires of Victorian society. We will see how repressed concerns around imperialism, urbanization, capitalism, Darwinism, and class stratification found expression in the form of these bizarre yet disturbingly familiar monsters.

Neo-Assyria: The world's first empire

In the early first millennium BC the Neo-Assyrian kings expanded from their small base in northern Iraq and came to rule over much of the modern Middle East, creating the first true empire the world had ever seen. In this Masterclass we will discover the types of evidence which survive from this ancient power, and explore its history, focusing on how control was maintained over the vast territories and on what life at court was like. We will also learn the basics of the Akkadian language and cuneiform script, and produce our own clay tablets.


We also run Junior Masterclasses for pupils in years 8 and 9.