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Junior Masterclasses (Years 8-9)

Junior Masterclasses are delivered by UCL academics and PhD students and are hands-on interactive sessions designed to give young people a taste of learning at university. 

Year 8 and 9 pupils will need to be accompanied by a parent or carer. 

View and print the Junior Masterclass poster.

Applications for the Year 8 and 9 masterclasses in the October half-term 2014 are now closed. 

We will be running a new set of masterclasses in the February half-term 2015. More information on these new classes will be available in November 2014.

Details of sessions we have previously offered can be found below: 


Environmental Engineering: The eradication and detection of air and water pollution

One of the tasks for Enivronmental Engineers is to reduce water and air pollution as much as possible. This lab based masterclass looks at various ways water and air pollution can be detected along with what methods are employed to reduce and eradicate it.

From cows and houses to the alphabet: The invention of writing

Around 5000 years ago in Ancient Iraq and Egypt people began to invent ways to write spoken language down. In this masterclass we will explore the reasons why people developed writing and discover how early writing systems worked, before experimenting with using the ancient cuneiform script ourselves. We will finish by producing our own clay tablets following the model of Old Babylonian school children!

Ageing and Immortality

How do we age? Why do we age? Can we ever be immortal? This masterclass offers a glimpse into the world of scientific research, and in particular research into ageing. We will explore the use of smaller organisms in ageing research, how scientists have been able to extend their lifespans in the laboratory, and how this is relevant to humans. We will also discuss the ethical considerations that come with advances in scientific research. Come along and gain an insight into scientific research behind ageing and enjoy a short tour around university laboratories.

We also run a number of Junior Masterclasses for young people in years 10 and 11