UCL Horizons Year 10 Saturday School

Three students with UCL sign

The UCL Horizons Year 10 Saturday School is a sustained engagement enrichment programme for 100 students from inner London non-selective state schools.

Programme structure

The Saturday School runs at the UCL campus near Euston station, on Saturday mornings from 1000-1300. Students attend four terms of five weeks from November to June and there are 21 sessions in total.

Every term students will take two modules in a range of science and humanities subjects. The curriculum is designed to be academically stretching but also interactive and enjoyable, with a focus on critical thinking, problem solving and group work. The 2014-15 modules are outlined below.

Module title



Public Speaking
Taught by a freelance teacher Term One and Two
Riots and Protests: History Politics and Sociology 

Taught by a UCL History PhD student

Term One and Two
Using and Abusing Mathematics Taught by a freelance teacher Term One and Two
Introduction to Medicine
Taught by UCL Medical School staff
Term One and Two

Space Science

Taught by a UCL Physics PhD student
Term Three and Four
Introduction to Law
Taught by Debate Chamber Term Three and Four
English Literature: Shakespeare
Taught by a freelance teacher
Term Three and Four
Taught by a UCL researcher
Term Three and Four

Saturday School 2014-15

Applications for the Saturday School 2014-15 have now closed. We will be in touch with applicants and teachers about the outcome of their applications no later than Friday 24 October.

Please contact Rachel Leighton if you have any questions about the programme. Call 0207 679 2994 or email r.leighton@ucl.ac.uk