Academic Selection Criteria

We want to recruit intelligent students who will have the potential to apply to UCL or similarly competitive universities in the future.

We consider a combination of these selection criteria, depending on which UCL Horizons programme the student is applying for:

  • the quality of the student’s personal statement;
  • comments in the teacher reference about academic abilities;
  • whether the student is on the Gifted and Talented register;
  • Key Stage 3 achievement in English Maths and Science;
  • predicted or achieved GCSE grades (we look for a minimum of 5 A* - C grades at GCSE);
  • predicted or achieved AS and A level grades (for our Year 12 and 13 programmes, students must be predicted to achieve the UCL minimum offer of ABB, or higher).

Please read the application notes for each specific programme to get more detailed guidance on academic requirements.