Years 7-11 activities

Junior Masterclasses

Junior Masterclasses give you a taste of learning at university. Pick from a range of academic subjects – you could choose a subject you study at school, or a completely new subject.

UCL Sutton Scholars for Year 8 students

We are piloting an academic support programme for 100 highly able Year 8 students during 2013-14, funded by the Sutton Trust.

UCL Being Human School for Year 8 Students

This summer school is run by UCL Museums and Collections and gets students to think about what it actually means to be human through a week of fun and interactive workshops and object based learning.

UCL Horizons Year 10 Saturday School

The Year 10 Saturday School is an academic enrichment programme taking place over an academic year for 100 students from London non-selective state schools.  The lessons you attend will give you the opportunity to explore a subject or issue in more detail as well as helping you to develop your communication and study skills.

UCL Horizons Year 10 Summer School

The Horizons Year 10 Debating Summer School is open to Year 10 students who have attended the Year 10 Saturday School though some places may be available for additional Year 10 students.  The summer school will give you the opportunity to develop your critical thinking and public speaking skills through debating.

UCL Horizons Year 11 Autumn Programme

The Year 11 Autumn Programme runs for five weeks and is open to students who attended the Year 10 Saturday School. These sessions focus on preparing for GCSEs,  A levels and careers.

Year 11 Summer Schools

UCL offers several exciting non-residential summer schools for Year 11 pupils.