'Vision: Mind, Knowledge, Art and Politics': Philosophy Summer School

Do we see the world around us as it really is? Or is the world forever hidden behind a screen of visual sensations? How can we distinguish vision from illusion? What can we know on the basis of vision? The political visions of philosophers have profoundly influenced human history. Should we aspire to shape society in accord with such visions? Or is a utopian political vision a dangerous thing? These are just some examples of the questions that you will tackle on the Philosophy summer school.

The summer school aims to introduce students to a wide range of philosophical debates that have been shaped in some way by visual experience and visual language. The programme will include lecture and smaller discussion groups.

This summer school will run parallel to the “Making History” History summer school, and so participants on both summer schools will take part in the same evening activities. Trips could include a visit up the Shard and a visit to a West End Performance - this would all be free of charge.

Number of places available:



28 July - 1 August, 2014

Additional Academic Criteria:

  • Minimum of AAA predicted at A level
  • No specific subjects required


Please note that we are no longer receiving applications.

We aim to contact applicants by Monday 16th June. 

For further details regarding applications, please contact Vijdan Cakli or on 020 7679 0489

For further details regarding course content, please contact Sarah Madden