The pace of change: has History 'speeded up'?

Throughout history people have been confronted by change around them.

Innovations like the printing press, the steam engine and the internet excited and inspired many people, but made others apprehensive and scared. Changes in social structures and dynamics left some people excited for the future, but terrified others, who feared that society as they knew it might be over. New political ideas and movements inspired people who wanted revolution, but alarmed those who did not. And while, for some, change could not occur quickly enough, for many change was happening too suddenly, too soon, and too fast.

Through seminars, workshops and debates on issues in ancient, medieval and modern history, this summer school will explore different aspects of how people experienced, understood and coped with change. It will also include sessions in UCL museums, a tour of the UCL campus, and a chance to meet students currently studying history at UCL. You will be encouraged to discuss a range of fascinating topics with UCL academics and find out more about studying history at university. This is a great preparation for students who are seriously considering studying for a history degree, at UCL or another competitive university.

For more information, please contact Jonathan Chandler at jonathan.chandler.09@ucl.ac.uk.

Dates: 3-5th July, 2013

Venue: UCL Bloomsbury Campus

To book a place, please fill in the application form and return it to:

Amber Cuttill
Outreach Office
University College London
Gower Street

Or scan and email it to a.cuttill@ucl.ac.uk.

Please note that applications have been extended and will now close at 17:00 on Monday, 3rd June.

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