GENES week is a non residential summer school, which aims to give year 12 students a real taste of practical bioscience.

Successful applicants will take part in lectures and laboratory classes exploring areas of molecular biology, proteins & enzymes and cell biology & microscopy. Students will get the chance to carry out techniques including DNA restriction digests, agarose gel electrophoresis, in vitro reactions, TLC and various microscopical methods. They will also get chance to meet both our undergraduate students who act as ambassadors, and our academic staff who will both teach the sessions and try and give an insight into their diverse interests and the relevance of these to our modern society.

Students will be expected to work hard in the laboratory to master the new practical skills and also to be able to work in groups to evaluate results and give a presentation to staff and peers. To be eligible for the summer school, students must be studying A level Chemistry, and either Biology or Maths.

Dates: 22-26th July, 2013

Venue: UCL Bloomsbury Campus

Please note that applications for this summer school have now closed.

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