Be a Polymath Competition

The CEPMaBC (Chemistry, Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Computer Science) Competition has now successfully run over the past two years, each time welcoming around 130 Yr 12 students to UCL. This course will provide a fun setting where the students will be exposed to all the STEM subjects.

The event is run by PhD and current undergraduate students, and gives participants the chance to ask questions about the subjects involved, to people who are actually studying them, and also find out what it is like to study at UCL.

The Competition itself is made up of a number of challenges, that students will tackle as a part of a team. Each challenge is related to one of the CEPMaBC subjects. The challenges range from relatively easy to quite complex - for example, Chemistry will include putting the first 30 elements in the order you would find them in a periodic table, balancing chemical equations, and undertaking safe practical experiments. The Engineering challenge includes building a tower out of newspaper and sellotape, and then testing your tower for strength at the end of the session.

Prizes are awarded in a closing ceremony at the end of the second day, and winning team(s) will be presented with a trophy.

Additional entry requirements:

Applicants must be studying at least one of the following subjects:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Maths
  • Physics
  • Further Maths

Number of places available:



28-29 August 2014


Please note thatĀ applications have closed.

For questions regarding applications, please contact Gianpaolo Manalastas or on 020 3108 4106

For questions regarding course content, please contact Dewi Lewis.