'Curve Sketching Summer School': Maths Summer School

Curve sketching is an essential skill in the mathematicians’ toolbox. Graphs reveal the behaviour of functions and are used for many purposes in mathematics, science and engineering. This summer school is targeted at students considering reading any STEM subject at university, especially mathematics and physics.

The teaching sessions will involve activity-based learning strategies and group work. By the end of the course, we expect that the participants will be able to tackle curve sketching questions in the AEA and STEP papers confidently and successfully.

The students will engage in a project exploring curve sketching using technology (free software Geogebra) and will present it to their peers on the last day.

Number of places available:



14 - 18 July, 2014

Extra Academic Criteria:

  • AS Maths
  • AS Further Maths
  • Minimum of A*A*A predicted at A2


Please note that we are no longer accepting applications for this summer school.

For further information regarding applications, please contact Gianpaolo Manalastas or on 020 3108 4106

For further information regarding course content, please contact Luciano Rila.