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Science and Society

Lecture: You Can’t Make a Monkey from Me

In Darwin’s day, everyone wanted to know if humans evolved from animals. If they did, how did it happen? Fossils weren’t much help (few had been discovered). Neither was DNA (not yet known). So how did he make his case? In my lecture, I’ll talk about Darwin’s argument and his evidence. You’ll be surprised to learn he used an unexpected definition of “human,” one that he thought cut straight to the central issues of public thinking about evolution. Was Darwin’s approach success? You tell me.

Seminar: Human evolution: Why does it matter?

You know that some people think the idea of us evolving from animals is objectionable. Why? In this seminar we’ll try to find the roots of these concerns, and we’ll discuss what really seems to be at stake in the discussion. We may well find it’s not about science or facts. And maybe it's not really about religion, either, because many deeply devout people embrace ideas of evolution, love science, and support it 100%. So where’s the problem?