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Lecture: Me, myself and…my 100 trillion bacteria!?

Students will take part in an interactive lecture and be introduced to the science of microbiology. They will learn about the different types of bacteria that live in and around our body. The human body can provide different environments which bacteria exploit as habitats. Through the course of evolution bacteria have adapted to live in these bodily environments. The lecture will explore how we can benefit from our bacterial inhabitants as well as the harm that they can do. Finally, we will examine the medical and engineering solutions we use to reduce the spread of infectious disease.

Seminar: How many bacteria on your…?

The students will work in groups to help collect data for an experiment during this interactive session. First, the experimental design will be explained through a video. The students will be asked to guess the number of bacteria they think may be present on different parts of the body and some objects they often use. Groups will be asked to count bacterial colonies on agar plates and carry out some calculations to estimate the bacterial numbers from the different samples. They will also be asked to look at the difference between the different types of bacteria they see on the plates. Each group will report their findings to the entire class. Finally, we will discuss which parts of the body and objects have the most numbers of bacteria and why.