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Further information on the University of London hosted taster courses and details of how to apply are available at www.london.ac.uk/tasters.

Further information on UCL hosted taster courses please contact Gianpaolo Manalastas.

UCL Open Day 2012
UCL Open Day 2012
UCL Open Day 2012

UCL Taster Courses

UCL Taster Courses

This summer, UCL is delighted to be hosting a series of taster courses on our Bloomsbury Campus. 

Below is a list of the taster courses we are offering in 2014. Please click the course you are interested in for further information, and for details of how to apply.

Please note that for the UCL taster courses there are eligibility criteria.

We ask that students meet the following acadmic criteria when applying:

  • have achieved at least five A/A*s at GCSE
  • are likely to acheive a minumum of ABB at A level or at least 34 points at IB (please note that for subject specific activity students must be on track to meet the degree programme's minimum entry requirements)
  • are taking at least two subjects from UCL's list of preferred A levels.

Students must be attending a state school, and priority will then be given to students who:

  • Are on track to achieve a minimum of ABB at A level
  • Will be the first generation in their family to attend university
  • Have achieved at least 5 A/A*s at GCSE
  • Come from neighbourhoods with low overall progression rates to higher education
  • Are taking relevant subjects in relation to the subject they are hoping to apply to
  • Attend schools or colleges with a low overall A level (or equivalent) point score

London Archaeology

London Archaeology – a taste of the past

Get a taste of the Archaeology of London and experience a physical history beneath your feet and all around you! Join staff and students from the Institute of Archaeology (IoA) for a day dedicated to exploring London (specifically Bloomsbury and the area around University College London – UCL). Dr Gabriel Moshenska will take you on a tour of Bombsite Bloomsbury, looking at the heritage of the Great War and the Second World War. Dr Gustav Milne will also take you back to the early history of London with a tour of early archaeological sites.

Students will also get a taste of academic archaeology with a taster lecture on the Archaeology of London and the history of the Institute, as well as a tour of our own Archaeological Collections and a chance to handle some of our oldest objects. The IoA is the largest Archaeological Department in the UK and the main focus for academic Archaeology in London – come along and join in our journey!


Tuesday 29 July 2014


10:00 - 17:00

Please note applications for this taster day has closed.

A Taste of Archaeology

A Taste of Archaeology: a world of history under one roof

This taster course gives students the opportunity to get a taste of the Archaeological research that goes on in the Institute of Archaeology (IoA), as well as the chance to experience a day in our labs and collections store, and find out what's good about studying Archaeology in London.

Through this taster course, current students and staff of the IoA will teach you about identifying both animal and human bones, and the science behind conservation used in Museums. The day itself will be very hands on, and you will be able to explore our collections and be taught about the ‘Life of an Object’ by our Collections Manager. There will also have the chance to see UCL's Archaeology department, and follow a research trail around our Institute of Archaeology Library. Lunch is
provided, as are all refreshments throughout the day!


Wednesday 23 July 2014


10:00 - 16:30

Please note applications for this taster day has closed.

Archaeology: Dig This!

DIG THIS! A Taste of Archaeological Excavation

Join the Institute of Archaeology (IoA) and the Museum of London (MoL) in the excavation of Headstone Medieval Moated Manor in Harrow, North London. Students will have the chance to attend a taster lecture addressing 'What is Archaeology?', before being taken to the Harrow site.

At the Headstone Medieval Moated Manor, students will have the chance to practically experience what being an archaeologist is all about. Activities will include:

  • Excavation - test trial pits
  • Finds recording / site recording with context forms
  • Post-excavation and finds illustration
  • Photography of the site, and discussions on the history of the landscape

Lunch and refreshments will be provided, and transport costs to the site will be covered by the IoA.

Please note, we are no longer accepting applications for this tasterday.


Saturday 12th July, 2014


09:00 - 18:00

Arts and Sciences Taster Course

The Big BASc Theory: Why the UCL Arts and Sciences BASc might be best formula for your future

If you are a dynamic thinker and love a challenge, the UCL Arts and Sciences (BASc) degree is for you. Offering the perfect opportunity to build a degree to suit your needs, it will provide you with an enviable breadth of education to prepare you for the demands of 21st century employers.

This one-day workshop has been designed particularly for those who would like to major in one of our two BASc Sciences pathways. On the Health and Environment pathway, you will study how our bodies work and the effect of the world on us. On the Sciences and Engineering pathway, you will study how we investigate and change our world.

Our workshop will take you through the range of courses offered on the BASc science pathways, encompassing biomedical sciences, applied medicine, engineering, neuroscience, psychology, physical sciences, science and technology, mathematics, computer science and much more. It will set this in the context of the other subjects you will study – a modern language, the interdisciplinary core courses and your minor pathway which will be arts, humanities or social science subjects.

Please note, we are no longer accepting applications for this tasterday.


Wednesday 2 July 2014




Witches and Maguses in Shakespeare's Macbeth and The Tempest

Early 17th-century England was a time when belief in the magical powers of witches and sorcerers was commonplace, when scientific enquiry contained a strong element of magical thinking, and when England's monarch, James I, was deeply engaged with the issue of witchcraft. It is hardly surprising, then, that Shakespeare made such creative use of magic, folklore and superstition during this period. This masterclass will examine passages from Shakespeare's tragedy Macbeth and one of his final plays, The Tempest, engaging in a close reading of these, setting them within their historical context and looking at their performance history. This course may be of interest to all students studying Shakespeare as part of their English Literature A Level, or equivalent level qualification.

Students wishing to apply for this taster session should be studying English or History at A level or IB.

Please note, we are no longer accepting applications for this tasterday.


Tuesday 15 July 2014



Greek and Latin

Department of Greek and Latin Taster Course

The Department of Greek and Latin’s taster courses presents students with a broad spectrum of topics connected with the civilisations and cultures of the ancient world. They are designed to give students a sense both of the fascination of the subject, and the riches that await should you choose to study it at UCL.

The day itself will consist of taster lectures to give students an idea of studying this subject at UCL, all delivered by UCL academics, as well as other hands on activities such as a visit to one of UCL's museums. Students will also be able to meet current students.

Please note, we are no longer accepting applications for this tasterday.


Monday 16th June, 2014


09:45 - 16:00

History of Art and History of Art and Material Studies

Opening Art Histories

These taster days are an excellent opportunity for year 12 and 13 students to discover what it is like to learn about the History of Art and History of Art and Material Studies at UCL. From the sessions, students will become familiar with these subjects through university-style seminars and classes, and will also have the opportunity to see the wider university and campus environment - including UCL's museum collections.

The taster sessions themselves will allow students to engage with the most exciting questions concerning art and its role in both past and present cultures, from some of the UK’s leading researchers. It will encourage you to consider questions like what makes a work of art art? And what do images mean? through both a taster lecture and a hands on seminar session discussing some specific pieces.

Please note, we are no longer accepting applications for this tasterday.


Thursday 3 July 2014


13:00 - 16:15

Physics and Astronomy

Particles and Waves : Hands-On Physics at UCL

UCL is one of the leading physics departments in the country, with outstanding teachers and researchers tackling all of the important questions in physics today. We invite you to come and spend a day in the department, where you will have the opportunity to do hands-on experiments in our newly refurbished laboratories on the wavelength of laser light. You will also have a short lecture from an academic member of staff and the chance to learn more about undergraduate life in the department. Finally, we will talk to you about how to apply for physics and related subjects at UCL.

Please note, we are no longer accepting applications for this tasterday.


Friday 4 July 2014


10:00 - 15:00

Modern Languages

A Taste of Languages at UCL

UCL is delighted to be offering a one day taster course for year 12 students who are interested in studying a language degree at university. This day will be hosted by UCL's School of European Language and Culture, and the School of Slavonic and East European Studies.

Students will get the opportunity to find out what it is like to study a modern language at university level through taking part in seminars in French and Spanish. These sessions will develop your language skills, as well as your knowledge of the culture of the French and Spanish speaking worlds. You will also have the unique opportunity to learn about languages and cultures that you may not have encountered before, such as Czech, Dutch, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Italian, Ukrainian, Yiddish, Polish or Romanian. These sessions will demonstrate the possibilities that studying a new language brings, and give you an insight in to the diversity of subjects offered at UCL.

Participants of this taster course will be able to speak to current UCL students, attend sessions on how to apply for a Modern Languages course at UCL and you will be able to explore the UCL's main campus.

Please note, we are no longer accepting applications for this tasterday.


19 June 2014


9:15am - 3:30pm