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Which schools can apply?

We recruit from a targeted list of London non-selective state schools with a high proportion of students on free school meals (35% or more).

We contact these schools directly to invite applications.

Applications that we will not consider

We will not consider applications from schools that are not on our target list.
Independent schools, selective state schools, and schools with a low proportion of students on free school meals are not eligible. Nor are schools outside London.

We will not consider applications sent by individual students without a teacher reference.

All applications must come via a contact teacher in a target school. 

How do we select students?

Once all applications are received, we consider students' academic and demographic criteria to make our selection.

All criteria are considered holistically. A student won't automatically be rejected just because they do not meet one of the academic or demographic criteria (these are listed below). However, students that are selected will usually meet most or all of the criteria.

No school is 'guaranteed' a set number of places on any UCL Horizons programme, but we do try to offer at least one place to every school that sends in applications.