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Taster Sessions

Are you a PhD or Master's student? Can you inspire young people?

The Widening Participation and UK Undergraduate Recruitment Office runs a range of different programmes for young people from schools across London, including school visits, taster days, masterclasses and Summer Schools, all held at UCL. As part of these programmes we offer short, interactive taster sessions run by PhD students.

What are taster sessions?

The taster sessions usually last between 40-45 minutes. They are less of a lecture and more of an interactive learning experience, a chance for young people to gain an insight into familiar and unfamiliar subjects , and become aware of the range of subjects studied at UCL. We are looking for engaging, entertaining and thought-provoking sessions, which will inspire young people to study at university.

The sessions need to hold the attention of young people aged between 13 and 18, so should include lots of opportunity for students to take part. Group discussions, quizzes, practical demonstrations and hands-on activities are always popular.

Current and past taster topics have included:

  • 'The Hideous Phantasm of a Man': Monsters in the Victorian Age (English Literature)
  • The Philosophy of The Matrix; (Philosophy)
  • What Do Babies Know? (Neuropsychology)
  • Ice: Life in Suspended Animation; (Medicine)
  • Use Your Brain; (Neuroscience)
  • Do Beards Cause Heart Disease? (Epidemiology)

Your proposal

If you are interested in becoming a taster session presenter, then please download and complete the proposal form.

Please email proposals to Louise Sung, Access Officer (Primary and Secondary Team) louise.sung@ucl.ac.uk

If we think that your proposal has the potential to inspire our young visitors, we will ask you to meet us to deliver a trial run of your session. We will be able to give you feedback and advice to make your session as engaging as possible. If you'd like to discuss this opportunity before submitting a proposal, please email Louise who will be happy to explain more about the programme and answer any questions.

Taster session delivery

You will join our team of presenters and we will contact you to sign up to run your session as and when visits are booked. Taster session presenters are paid at an hourly rate of £17.52. You will be paid for the preparation (2 hours 15 minutes) and delivery (45 minutes) of each session.