UCL Open Day 2012
UCL Open Day 2012
UCL Open Day 2012
UCL Open Day 2012

UCL Postgraduate Taster Presenters

The Widening Participation Office are responsible for running a variety of activities including taster days, masterclasses and summer schools, with the aim of raising aspirations and giving prospective students an insight into UCL’s degree programmes and student life. 

What is a Taster Presenter?

We recruit current UCL postgraduate students, who will deliver academic sessions to groups of prospective students to explore both familiar and new subjects. The sessions should give the students a taste of what it would be like to study your subject. It can be either your undergraduate or postgraduate subject, and you can do a broad introduction or very specific topic, depending on your subject area. Taster sessions should however be linked to one or more academic subjects taught at UCL. The session should be adaptable to suit a variety of audiences, from Year 7 – 13 students (age 10 to 18).

What should a taster session include?

Taster sessions usually consist of a 45 minute presentation to a group of students, though some activities may include longer workshops with a smaller group. The sessions may be delivered on campus at UCL, or may involve going into a local school to deliver a session. The taster session should be interactive, rather than a lecture, and should be fun and engaging for the students (and you!). We recommend you include a variety of interactive content, such as group discussions, debates, quizzes, demonstrations or videos.

Why become a Taster Presenter?

Working as a Taster Presenter is an excellent way to develop teaching skills, practice communicating research and findings, and inspire young people to study your subject in the future. Being a Taster Presenter will also give you the opportunity to further understand the UK education system, experience widening participation and access within Higher Education, and gain transferable skills.

What commitment is required?

There is no minimum commitment required, the Widening Participation Office will contact Taster Presenters via email about opportunities that match your subject area, with full details of the job, and you sign up for those you are available for. Work opportunities are available throughout the year, both during term time and through the school holidays, with some programmes running on a Saturday or into the early evening. Taster Presenters are paid at an hourly rate of £18.20 (UCL grade 7 point 29) for every hour of teaching, plus an additional two hours for preparation time.

How can I get involved?

If you are interested in becoming a Taster Presenter, you can submit a proposal for a session you are interested in delivering by completing this online form. This proposal will need to include a session title, the aims and objectives of the session and an outline of the session, with estimated timings for each element of your session.

Once you have submitted your proposal, it will be reviewed by the Widening Participation Office and if successful, you will be asked to attend an ‘audition’ in which you will deliver a short version of your session to a few members of the Widening Participation Office. If your session is suitable for our activities, you will be added to our Taster Presenter database and contacted when opportunities become available.

We plan on holding our next set of auditions towards the end of January 2018 and we are accepting proposals now. Applications for the next set of auditions will close on 8th January 2018.

Further Information?

If you have any questions please contact a.varilone@ucl.ac.uk