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If you have any further questions about the CRB process, please contact the administrator of the scheme.

Outreach Mentoring

Katharine Sanders
E: katharine.sanders@ucl.ac.uk

Student Ambassadors

Raoul Morley
E: raoul.morley@ucl.ac.uk

Criminal Records Bureau Disclosure

All UCL students working on programmes with young people must have completed a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) form.

Do you need to complete a new CRB form?

If you have completed a CRB form through UCL, for example as a medical student, or as part of a VSU scheme, then you do not need to complete a new CRB form. Please let us know when you completed your form and through which scheme.

If you have completed a CRB form through another organisation, then this will not be accepted and you will need to complete it again through UCL.

For more information about the CRB and why you need to complete a check before working with young people, please go to www.crb.gov.uk.

How to complete your CRB form

You can collect a CRB form from the Outreach Office.