For more information, please contact the Student Ambassador Team:

E: studentambassadors@ucl.ac.uk

T: 020 3108 7846

The Student Ambassador Scheme

The UCL Widening Participation and UK Undergraduate Recruitment Office runs a range of activities to promote the university and higher education in general.

We organise events for school groups to visit UCL and we also visit schools in the London area. In particular, we aim to raise the aspirations of students from groups who are under-represented at university.

Student ambassadors play a key role in our events - offering a students' point of view to visitors and sharing your opinions and experience about going to university. 

What Ambassadors Do

The UCL Widening Participation and UK Undergraduate Recruitment Office generally works with secondary school students from year 7 to year 13. Some of the activities Student Ambassadors take part in include:

Higher Education (HE) awareness days at UCL - school groups visit to find out more about university life. Featuring a talk and tour from student ambassadors.

Visits to schools - presenting at assemblies and facilitating workshops about higher education.

HE fairs - representing UCL and answering queries about the university and our programmes.

Campus tours - showing visitors around UCL, answering their questions on student life

Event stewards - We run the UCL Open Days in June and September, participate in the University of London Undergraduate Fair in September and organize conferences for teachers in the spring and summer.

What makes a good Student Ambassador?

Commitment, perseverance and reliability
Good organisational skills
Good communication skills – particularly listening
A positive approach
Ability to be open-minded
A good sense of humour



If you offer to help with an event you are expected to turn up and be on time. If you have any problems attending or running late, let the member of staff who is organising you activity know.


Ambassadors represent UCL so we expect you to take your role seriously.


Be polite and friendly at all times, we want you to engage with the people you meet about UCL.


Respect different opinions and be sensitive to different cultures.


Applications for the 2017/18 Student Ambassador intake are now closed.

Looking for student ambassadors to work on your event?

Please contact Alex Varilone at studentambassadors@ucl.ac.uk for a link to the student ambassador request form. Please note that we need at least two weeks' notice prior to your event in order to give us enough time to advertise and allocate the necessary number of ambassadors.