If you are in care or a current care leaver and would like to know more about our activities, applying and studying at UCL please contact:

Lisa Schappert
 020 7679 1365

Young people in care/care leavers

We welcome and encourage care leavers to apply to UCL. We offer a range of events and activities that will give you the opportunity to learn more about applying, studying and student life at UCL.

Buttle UK

In 2009 UCL was awarded the Buttle UK Quality Mark because of our commitment to support students who come from a care leaving background while they’re at UCL and through our outreach activities.

When you are applying to university you can indicate on your UCAS form that you are in local authority care. At UCL we would encourage all care leavers to indicate on their UCAS form that they have been care. You would not be singled out by indicating that you have been in care. We would not view you any differently from your peers in regards to your application or while you’re studying at UCL. By indicating on your UCAS form that you have been care we are able to inform you of the support that is on offer at UCL before you start your degree programme.