If you have any questions about our opportunities for teachers and school staff, please contact the Teacher Engagement team:

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Teacher Masterclasses

Our Teacher Masterclasses are designed to support the teaching of specific areas of subject knowledge or areas of the curriculum.

Masterclasses at your school

Our masterclasses can be delivered at your school at a time that suits you, and can also include partner schools. Subjects covered range from teaching curve-sketching in Maths or covering areas of the Russian Revolution in A level History.

Additionally, we also run sessions to help and support gifted and talented pupils in a variety of subjects, as well as guidance on writing personal statements and academic references. 

If you are interested in booking a Teacher Masterclass or finding out more about the options available, please complete our online form.

Masterclasses at UCL

Mathematics teacher early career (MTEC) Masterclass Series - 4:00-6:00pm Wednesday 28th February 2018. Gordon House Room 106. 

This teacher masterclass is aimed at early career teachers of mathematics and run by UCL Department of Mathematics and UCL Institute of Education. Collaborative sessions will explore teaching and learning approaches to developing reasoning in KS4 and beyond. This session will focus on geometric reasoning. 

School curricula in mathematics have a renewed focus on the development of reasoning – for all students, from year 1 to A-level. This session will work with geometric reasoning, as having had a low profile in English curricula in recent years. Building up confidence to reason geometrically is a long term project, so we’ll work with concepts from the primary curriculum upwards, and with active approaches that challenge thinking but can be used with the range of young people. We’ll consider what is appropriate use of technology in this area, and point to a range of resources teachers can draw on.

This masterclass is aimed at any teacher who identifies as being in the early part of their career and is from a non-selective UK state school. We are happy to consider any teacher from a non-selective UK state school regardless of how long they have been teaching for. Therefore if you have an interest in the subject matter, please sign up via our online form .

MTEC Masterclass at UCL