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UCL Open Day 2012
UCL Open Day 2012
UCL Open Day 2012

Do Something Different Day

Are you unsure what to study at university? Perhaps it’s because you have a variety of interests? Or multiple favourite subjects at school? If that sounds like you, then our “Do Something Different” day is the perfect chance for you to explore your options, and get practical advice in making applications to university.

We will introduce you to interdisciplinary study at UCL, and to a selection of unique and alternative degree programmes. On the day, you will get the opportunity to sample three of them, wherever your interests lie, in the arts to humanities and to the sciences.

There will also be sessions on choosing your courses, preparing your applications and a look into the variety of careers you could pursue after your studies. 

We also welcome teachers to accompany their students to the event and attend a CPD session to support your students in making more broad university applications.

Key information


27 March 2018

Number of places



Roberts Building



Application deadline

9 March 2018

Available taster sessions

Subject Workshop Outline
Archaeology In this session we will explore the earliest human stone tool technology, the Oldowan, and the Acheulean, characterised by flakes and handaxes, with an opportunity to get hands-on and create your very own stone tool. By the end of the hands-on session, you will have made your very own cutting flakes and Neolithic scraper.
Health Economics This taster session will introduce you to the field of Health Economics, and demonstrate how it can facilitate transparent and evidence-based decision making. Difficulties can arise when deciding what to prioritise, especially when governments around the world are making decisions on how to allocate a limited amount of health resources. We will be exploring what constitutes good priority-setting, and through group activities, you will consider examples of the ethical implications of resource allocation. 
Linguistics Did you know that the ‘p’ sound in ‘spin’ is actually a ‘b’? Why do ‘singer’ and ‘finger’ rhyme for some speakers but not for others? Come to this session to gain hands-on experience of some of the techniques phoneticians and linguists use to find out fun facts about the sounds of language. You’ll be shown how to use acoustic analysis apps to visualise speech sounds and try out some of the problem-solving methods we can use for discovering hidden sound patterns in language. 
SELCS (School of European Languages, Culture and Society) Come along to our session to try out two very different languages. In this session, you get to experience two Nordic languages, and ask all the questions you have about Nordic Cultures and Societies. We will be running brief taster sessions in Danish and Icelandic, as well as a general introduction to degrees in Scandinavian Studies at UCL. 
Science and Technology Studies In Science and Technology Studies, as well as looking into the many aspects of science, its history and debates, we look into how we can communicate it to a wide range of audiences. In this taster, we will be exploring how modern society influences the way people view science, and how being effective science communicators can help shape the roles of science in our modern world. 
Urban Planning This taster session will introduce you to Urban Planning, a multi-disciplinary subject, seeking to both understand and shape change in our built and natural environments – our cities, towns and countryside. We will be discussing why it is important and how we plan for unpredictable futures.  You will work in pairs or small groups on a real-life planning challenge, presenting your ideas at the end.
Women's Health The UCL Institute of Women’s Health is home to cutting-edge technological advancements in medicine and surgery, and generous, and enthusiastic lecturers and staff, with opportunities to engage with other leading organisations such as the Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health. Find out how you can make a real and sustainable difference to women's and babies’ health locally, nationally and worldwide – regardless of your gender.

Entry requirements

Academic entry requirements

Applicants must likely to achieve a minimum of AAB at A-Level and have achieved at least five A*-B or 9-5 grades at GCSE.

Eligibility criteria

Our events and activities are funded by UCL's Access Agreement and Widening Participation funds, and as such are subject to our eligibility criteria. As a minimum, applicants must be attending a state school. We then prioritise students who meet more of our listed criteria. Where possible, we operate a reserve list and may place you on a similar activity to the one you applied for. 


Applications closed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for Do Something Different Day?
You have to be in Year 12 and be from a non-selective state school to take part in Do Something Different Day. We also prioritise students who meet more of our eligibility criteria.

Can I bring a friend?
Only people who have applied through our system and have been offered a place can take part. If you have friends who may be interested in coming along, we suggest they make an application too.

I live outside London, can I come?
You'll need to travel to the campus for the day, so most applicants are from London, Essex, Kent, or other areas where it is easy to commute into London. We have had participants from further afield, so if you know you can get into campus in good time for the day to start (and don't mind getting home late), you're welcome to make an application!

Can you help with my travel costs?
Yes! Ask us for an expense form and we can reimburse your costs. You'll need to submit it with your original travel receipts or print out of your Oyster transactions online etc. It can take up to 4 weeks for expenses to be reimbursed, so please keep this in mind.

I'm a teacher and want to bring a group of students, what do I do?
Please fill in the teacher application form.

Does it cost anything?
No! It is free to attend the day, which includes our all our sessions and lunch. Please turn up, enjoy yourself and you might learn something new!

What if I don't get my first choice taster?
We will do our best to accommodate your preferences, and you will have the chance to choose your third taster session on the day. This day is focusing on the benefits of interdisciplinary degree study, and you might be surprised when you try out something new and different!

My question hasn't been answered here. What do I do?
Email wp.taster@ucl.ac.uk with your query, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.