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Taster Events

In 2015 UCL is delighted to be hosting a range of Taster Events for students who are interested in studying with us.

UCL Taster Days

UCL Taster Days are 1 or 2 day events that take place either at the UCL main campus or one of the secondary campuses. They are all subject-specific and are designed to give a "taste" of what it will be like studying your chosen subject at UCL. 

More information will be available soon. However, you are still able to apply for the Taster Days by clicking the Apply Now link.

Please note that for these programmes there are certain eligibility criteria.

Event title



Year Group


Ancient World Taster Day 22 June 2015
UCL Greek and Latin 12 Applications closed
The wonders of Pharmacology! 29 June 2015
 UCL Biosciences 12
Applications closed
Exploring Psychology and Language Sciences 29-30 June 2015 UCL Psychology and Language Sciences 11
Applications closed
Philosophy, Politics and Economics Taster Day 1 & 7 July 2015 UCL Political Science 12
Applications closed
Physics Taster Day
6 July 2015 UCL Physics 12 Applications closed
UCL Law Taster Day 7 July 2015 UCL Laws
12 Applications closed
Anthropology Day
8 July 2015 UCL Anthropology 12 Applications closed
Statistics Taster Day 10 July 2015 UCL Statistical Science 11 Applications closed
BSc Population Health at UCL
14 July 2015
UCL Epidemiology and Healthcare
Applications closed
Be a Polymath 28 - 29 July 2015
UCL Chemistry 12
Applications closed
Human Machine Interface: Bioengineering and patient care
30 - 31 July 2015
UCL Surgery and Interventional Science
Applications closed

UCL Taster Courses, hosted by University of London

Each year during the spring and summer terms UCL provides a series of taster courses for Year 12 students as part of the taster course programme organised by the University of London.

For more information please visit the University of London Taster Courses website: