UCL Museums and Collections

UCL Museums and Collections run curriculum-linked outreach sessions in schools and colleges based on a number of different subjects using object-based learning as a method to engage students with their topics. We work with a group of target schools in London.

Available outreach sessions include:

With UCL Geology Collections

  • Rocks, minerals and the rock cycle (Years 3–9).

With the Grant Museum of Zoology

These sessions can take place either at UCL or your school/college:

  • Ourselves (Year 1);
  • Life cycles and variation (Years 2 and 5);
  • Teeth and eating (Year 2);
  • Moving and growing (Year 4);
  • Habitats and adaptations (Years 4, 6, 7, GCSE and post-16).

These sessions take place at UCL only:

  • Animal factory (Years 4, 6, 7);
  • Animal forensics (Years 4, 6, 7);
  • Variation and classification (Years 7, 9, GCSE and post-16);
  • Energy and the environment (post-16);
  • Genetics, evolution and ecology (post-16).

With other collections at UCL

  • Mummification (Years 3 – 6);
  • Life in Ancient Greece (Years 3 – 6);
  • Citizenship and identity (Years 7 – 10).

All these sessions are free, and last one hour per class. We can visit more than one class in a school in a day. We can also take assemblies or run themed sessions at lunchtime or with after-school clubs. All sessions include a brief introduction to university and to UCL in particular. They provide an ideal opportunity to raise pupils’ aspirations towards higher education as well as provoke interest in subjects as diverse as archaeology, geology and zoology.

It is possible to arrange free school visits to the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology and the Grant Museum of Zoology. We have special handling collections and a variety of gallery resources that can be used to support pupil learning. A visit to the Petrie Museum (for Key Stage 2) will show how we study the Ancient Egyptians to learn how they lived. The Grant Museum of Zoology offers a range of curriculum-linked workshops.

We can also offer special visits to UCL that combine activities in the museums with an introduction to university. These are ideal enrichment days, involving a visit to one or more of the museums and a tour of the university, as well as a talk about university life, run by current students.