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Year 12 Masterclasses

In the spring and summer terms UCL hosts a range of subject-specific masterclasses.

Masterclasses offer you a taste of learning at university, and are designed to help you decide what area of study you would like to pursue at degree level. They give you an insight in to your chosen subject, and so provide an excellent example to include in your personal statement.

The masterclasses themselves are entertaining, hands-on sessions run by UCL academics and PhD students. You will get the chance to look around UCL, and you’ll meet current UCL students and other young people from across London.

The next series of masterclasses is taking place on Wednesday 11 April 2018, 3pm to 6pm, at UCL's main campus in Bloomsbury. Please see below for details of the subjects available and how to apply.

Spring Masterclasses


Pestilential Signs: Using Sources to Understand Plague

Dr Alexandra R. A. Lee

Wednesday 11 April 2018, 3-6pm

Using the backdrop of the plague and the Black Death, students will be introduced to the skills historians use to understand the past from contemporary sources. Using written sources, images and manuscripts, students will explore what we can know about this period of history. This is an interactive session, involving interrogation of sources, written activities and palaeography (transcribing medieval English text).

Suitable for students who are interested in studying:

  • History
  • Ancient History
  • History of Art
  • Ancient World
  • English
  • Modern Languages
  • Any arts or humanities subject
  • Any social or historical science


Hedge with an Edge

Dr Riaz Ahmad

Wednesday 11 April 2018, 3-6pm

These days it is hard to escape financial news. Terms such as Derivatives, LIBOR, short selling or FTSE100 are constantly reminding us that finance is the most global of industries. The way finance has developed in recent years can be attributed in large part to maths, which has played a central role and remains the chief driving force, allowing the financial markets to become increasingly sophisticated. There is little doubt that maths has ‘hijacked’ most disciplines and its appeal and influence is noticeable in almost all branches of knowledge.
We will spend the session in a computer lab looking at some of the maths used in investment banking and perform our own asset price Monte Carlo simulations. In addition we will download stock prices, examine their returns and fit a Normal Distribution (bell shaped) curve through them.

Suitable for students who are interested in studying:

  • Mathematics
  • Economics
  • Statistics
  • Any mathematical or physical science

Security & Crime Science

Anonymity Online

Cerys Bradley

Wednesday 11 April 2018, 3-6pm

This session will introduce students to the concept of TOR ('The Onion Router'), a mix network which allows internet users to browse anonymously. Students will explore subjects including online security and the dark web, and their implications for both criminal and non-criminal activity.

Suitable for students who are interested in studying:

  • Security & Crime Science
  • Criminology
  • Computer Science
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Statistics
  • Any social or human science


Our events and activities are funded by UCL's Access Agreement and Widening Participation funds. As such, there are eligibility criteria that all applicants should consider before applying. Please note, these masterclasses are only open to students at state-funded UK schools. For full details of our eligibility criteria please follow the link below:


Applications for the 2018 Spring Masterclasses are now open, and the deadline for applications is Wednesday 21 March 2018.

As part of the application you will be required to provide contact details for one of your teachers to provide a reference; please ensure you have their permission before you submit this information.

At least one of your parents/carers should be present when you complete your application as we require some information from them.

You will be required to write a short statement of up to 200 words explaining why this masterclass would be useful to you, and why you are specifically interested in attending a masterclass on this subject. It may be easier to prepare this before beginning the application.

To apply, please complete this online form.