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Junior Masterclasses (Years 8-9)

Junior Masterclasses are entertaining, hands-on sessions run by UCL academics. The classes give you a taste of learning at university and you can pick from a range of academic subjects. You could choose a subject you study at school, or a completely new subject.

Classes will be held from 26-29 May, 2015 and are detailed below. 

Please note that Year 8 and 9 pupils will need to be accompanied by a parent or carer. Participants will get the chance to learn more about UCL and attending university and have a look around the campus.

Applications for the May Junior Masterclasses are now closed.

  UCL Year 8 & 9 Junior Masterclasses May 2015
Tuesday 26/05/2015 14.00-16.30 Development Geography: Tackling the World's problems

Explore how we deal with the World’s problems – like poverty, inequality and climate change through Development Geography. In this subject we look beyond trying to better understand what’s wrong in the world and how to fix it; We also think about how people have tried to solve these problems in the past based on their ideas about people and the world.

Take part in a mini debate and learn more about what this subject will be like to study at university through this interactive workshop.

Wednesday 27/05/15 14.00-16.30

Lost in Translation?! Learning Italian through Translation

Translation is a fundamental part of language learning, above all for beginners. Through the study of basic Italian phrases this class will explore some of the issues of the translation process, including concepts such as genre, register and idiom. Participants will come away with knowledge of various useful elementary Italian expressions and a greater awareness of the difficulties a linguist faces when translating from one language into another.

Thursday 28/05/15 14.00-16.30 FULLY BOOKED: Space and Climate Physics: Can you escape the solar system?

Ever wanted to leave Earth and travel to distant planets or new solar systems? Mars One might succeed in putting humans on Mars, but what if you wanted to go even further?

In this Masterclass you will learn how comets could be used to get humans to the edges of our solar system and beyond, and how a new mission called Rosetta is helping us to really understand how comets work. You will see how big the universe is, make your own strategy to escape the solar system and see if it works. We will also be cooking up our very own fizzing comet that (just like the real thing) will be made from items you can find lying around your home.

Friday 29/05/15 14.00-16.30 How and why do we monitor the health of the population?

This Masterclass will explore why it is important to measure the nation’s health, the discoveries it can lead to and how this may impact on advice for living healthy lives. We will explain how we measure health and health behaviours within the population such as diet, body weight and physical activity. With fun and interactive activities we will show the problems with using surveys to measure people’s behaviour.

If you have any queries email Clare James

We also run a number of Junior Masterclasses for young people in years 10 and 11