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Junior Masterclasses (Years 10-11)

Junior Masterclasses are entertaining, hands-on sessions run by UCL academics. The classes give you a taste of learning at university and you can pick from a range of academic subjects. You could choose a subject you study at school, or a completely new subject.

You’ll get the chance to learn more about UCL and attending university, you can look around the campus and you’ll meet other young people from across London.

Classes will be held from 26-29 May, 2015 and are detailed below.

Applications are now closed for the May Junior Masterclasses.  

 UCL Year 10 & 11 Junior Masterclasses May 2015
 Tuesday 26/05/2015 10.30-13.00
Box Office Blunders: Exploring scientific blunders through film

This highly interactive workshop introduces students to the physics of the interior of the Earth, and gives a brief insight into the techniques used by scientists to probe the depths of the planet beneath our feet. Working in groups, students will be shown a short clip of the popular film "The Core". Each group then tries to identify as many scientific blunders as possible in the clip, as well as the factual content. These are then discussed as a class, followed by an explanation of the science behind the clip and an insight into the exciting world of Earth Sciences.

Relevant GCSE subjects:  Physics, Maths, Chemistry, Geology

Wednesday 27/05/15 10.30-13.00
Where could learning a 'lesser taught' language take you: An Introduction to Dutch

As well as languages you may have learned in school such as French Spanish and German, UCL offers many lesser-taught languages such as Dutch, Swedish, Romanian, Icelandic, Arabic, Japanese and Russian. You can study one language or combinations of languages as a full degree, or as a smaller short course as part of a degree in another subject.

This workshop gives you a taste of studying a new language and culture, and highlights the benefits of learning a language at university. You will practice speaking some basic Dutch phrases with your classmates and will learn more about Dutch culture.

Relevant GCSE subjects: Any but particularly languages

Thursday 28/05/15 10.30-13.00
Introduction to Forensic Science: Fingerprints, DNA and evidence

In this session students will perform different forensic activities such as fingerprinting in order to get an idea of what forensic science is. This workshop will also give an insight into the different forensic fields such as fingerprint, DNA, trace evidence and allow the student to gain some hands on experience understanding the interpretation of evidence.

Relevant GCSE subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Physics, Sciences

Friday 29/05/15 10.30-13.00
Statistics in the Real World

This masterclass will focus on using a real-world dataset in order to demonstrate how statistics can provide answers to interesting questions. Using data from the Google transparency report, we will analyze how different governments access user account data and how this is related to other demographic factors. Students will learn how to curious about data, analyse data using statistical software and then present their findings.

Relevant GCSE subjects: Maths

If you have any queries please email Clare James

We also run Junior Masterclasses for pupils in years 8 and 9.