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Year 12 Gateways Conferences

In July 2018 UCL will be holding two Year 12 conferences, each investigating a theme that's relevant to how we see the world today. 

These conferences are designed to give a taste of what studying at university is like, as well as to encourage deeper insight into an interesting and current topic. Students who attend will also:

  • Receive helpful information about applying to competitive universities 
  • Meet current students and members of academic staff

Themes for July conferences

Tuesday 17th July - Beyond Medicine

Have you ever pondered your own reflection and wondered: how does this body work? What about when something goes wrong - how can I fix it? Come along to UCL's Year 12 conference day on Tuesday 17th July with a focus on the topic of Beyond Medicine. Attend presentations and seminars from academics from faculties related but not limited to the field of medicine, gain an in-depth understanding of what studying at university will be like, and hear helpful tips on applying to competitive universities. Join UCL and begin to answer those burning questions you've been asking yourself to work out how you can help improve the health of yourself and many others.

Speakers will be presenting on the themes of the science of happiness; how to incorporate research into a medicine degree; and a talk from a speech and language therapist. There will be the opportunity for you to talk to current medicine students, as well as academics from the medical school and from science and health care related departments.

Thursday 19th July - Identity

In ever-evolving social environments, can you be sure of who it is you think you are? Are you the same person you thought you were yesterday, or will be tomorrow? Perhaps it is the understanding of identity that changes, and we're all just trying to keep up. You're invited to examine these questions at UCL's Year 12 conference day on Thursday 19th July as UCL faculties help you explore Identity. Participate in presentations and interactive workshops that guide your introspective inquiries and get an experience of what studying at university will be like. Benefit from information sessions providing you with helpful tips on applying to competitive universities. So what are you waiting for? Accept your invitation to UCL and attempt to answer the question that has lasted lifetimes: who am I?

Speakers will be presenting on liberal democracy and individual identity within the EU, as well as how language influences our sense of identity. You will be able to talk to academics from departments related to the theme of the day during a Q&A panel at the end of the conference.

Eligibility criteria

Our events and activities are funded by UCL's Access Agreement and Widening Participation funds. As such, there are eligibility criteria that all applicants should consider before applying.


Applications for the July 2018 Gateways Conferences are now closed. You will hear from the post-16 team with an outcome over the next few weeks. Stay tuned!


If you have any questions about the conferences please contact the post-16 team:

E: wp.post16@ucl.ac.uk
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