UCL Outreach

The UCL / City and Islington Sixth Form College Partnership

Case Studies

Physics and Astronomy

UCL’s Physics and Astronomy Department has established an e-mentoring scheme, in which staff, post-doctoral researchers and graduate students answer CIC students’ questions about their A-level Physics projects.

Graduate students from UCL run an Astronomy Club at CIC, which meets regularly through the year. The club books time with UCL’s observatory to give students practical experience of astronomical study. Lectures from UCL also visit the club to give talks on related themes and deliver introductory lectures on A level topics.


The UCL School of Medicine offers a comprehensive programme of support for students who aim to study medicine at university. Following introductory lectures, selected students attend a programme of academic support lectures at UCL. This is supplemented by opportunities for shadowing UCL students and work experience at UCL’s teaching hospitals. Admissions tutors and UCL students also work with potential medicine students to support their applications to university. Sixth Form College who follow this ‘Preparation for Medicine’ programme put together a ‘progression portfolio’ which can be used as evidence of their suitability for medical study when applying to any UK university.


Renowned biologist Professor Steve Jones gives an annual lecture at CIC. Stimulating, entertaining and always well-attended, the lecture is one of a number of events that support a range of activities provided for Biology students. This has included a project in which sixth formers worked at the laboratories at UCL on a cutting-edge genetic research project.


The French department at UCL works closely with colleagues at the Sixth Form College on a programme of support and extension activities specifically tailored to the needs and ambitions of each year’s A level cohort. This programme is designed to reinforce the core A level syllabus, but also to go beyond it and give students an introduction to the broader study of French and Francophone literature and culture that they would experience on a French degree programme.

The core of the programme is a series of seminars and workshops, given by UCL staff, on selected aspects of French grammar, spoken French and A level coursework-related topics. Students from the Sixth Form College have been invited to the university for taster classes and tours of the campus in French.


Second-year History students at CIC are able to use the superb library at UCL to help them with their A level research projects. In addition, historians from UCL visit the Sixth Form College on a regular basis to give talks to students. Recent lectures have included ‘Is there an American Empire?’ and ‘The origins of the Civil Rights Movement’.