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Care leavers are entitled to the same support as other students, such as student loans for fees and living costs. 

Care leavers are classified as independent by Student Finance England (as long as you don’t return to your parent(s). This means that when you’re assessed for student financial support your parent(s’) household income will not be taken into account. As a single, independent student with no household income you will be entitled to the full Maintenance Grant (do not pay back); for 2013/14 entrants this will be £3,354 per year. 

Additionally, you would be eligible for the full amount of the UCL Bursary. Bursaries, like grants, do not have to be paid back. As a first year student, starting in September 2013 and living in UCL Student Residences* you could receive a £2,000 accommodation bursary and £1,500 cash bursary.

If you don’t live in UCL Student Residences you could receive a £3,500 cash bursary.

If your circumstances don’t change, from your second year of study onwards you would receive a cash bursary of £3,500, payable in three termly instalments.

From the 2013/14 academic year UCL will be offering a £1,000 per year bursary for UK undergraduate students who live in or have lived in care. Please go to the UCL Care Leaver Bursary web page for further information.

Special priority is also given to care leavers when applying to the Access to Learning Fund (ALF). You would be eligible to receive a one off award of up to £1000 on receipt of a completed application accompanied by proof that you grew up in care. You may also be entitled to additional support from your Local Education Authority; they can help with costs such as travel, books, etc.

Most universities will offer scholarships. Scholarships are additional funding students can receive to help them with their studies. Scholarships will have eligibility requirements (ie academic excellence) and any funding you receive from a scholarship is not paid back.  

Please go to our Scholarships and Funding website to find out more about the bursaries/scholarships that are on offer for UCL undergraduate students.


*UCL Student Residences – for bursary eligibility these are defined as either a UCL Halls of Residence or a UCL Student House and do not include Intercollegiate Halls or private providers. If you believe you are eligible for a UCL Accommodation Bursary, please ensure you apply for a place in either a UCL Hall of Residence or a UCL Student House.