If you are a Virtual Head/Teacher, LAC Care Team, or charitable organisation and would like to know more about applying and studying at UCL and/or would like to arrange an activity for your students please contact:

Lisa Schappert
E: l.schappert@ucl.ac.uk
T: 020 3108 7364


UCL guarantees accommodation no matter where you live as long as you:

  • are a single, first-year undergraduate;
  • have chosen UCL as your firm choice through UCAS;
  • submit your housing application online by the deadline (currently 31 May of the year of entry)
  • have not studied at a university in London (inside the M25 motorway) before

In addition, UCL will provide 365 day accommodation for care leavers in their first-year and if needed. 365 day accommodation also will be provided for UCL undergraduate students who are from care in their subsequent years of study if needed.

If you need 365 day accommodation and/or accommodation beyond your first year at UCL please contact:

Tracey Smith, Student Centre Co-ordinator, Student Advisory and Events Services
tel: 020 7679 2036
email: tracey.p.smith@ucl.ac.uk