If you are a Virtual Head/Teacher, LAC Care Team, or charitable organisation and would like to know more about applying and studying at UCL and/or would like to arrange an activity for your students please contact:

Amy York
E: a.york@ucl.ac.uk

Young people in care/care leavers

UCL recognises that when applying and entering higher education young people in care can face particular difficulties that their peers are less likely to experience. We are committed to supporting young people in care and Care Leavers and encourage students to apply to study at UCL and to access our activities.

We are also happy to arrange a visit to the UCL campus for care leavers. We can also arrange to talk about various aspects of university to groups off campus. If you are interested in arranging this please get in touch. 

We are committed to supporting students who come from a care leaving background while they’re at UCL and through our wide range of outreach activities.

Upon arrival at UCL your department will assign you to a personal tutor. Their main role is to advise you on academic matters but you can also discuss non academic matters with them in confidence. Normally, you will meet with your personal tutor once a term but you can also see them on an appointment basis.

In addition to your personal tutor, Tracey Smith, Student Centre Co-ordinator in Student Support and Wellbeing s is able to put you in direct contact with relevant support service at UCL. 

Tracey's contact details are:
T: 020 7679 2036
E: tracey.p.smith@ucl.ac.uk

UCL’s Transition Programme supports all new UCL students in adapting to university life, assisting new students in dealing with the social, academic and personal issues that are specific to UCL.

As well as being entitled to the same support as all students, such as student loans for fees and living costs, UCL offers a Care Leaver Bursary of £1,000 per year for eligible students.

For information on all the other bursaries and scholarships available at UCL please go to our Scholarships and Funding website.

UCL guarantees accommodation no matter where you live as long as you:

  • are a single, first-year undergraduate;
  • have chosen UCL as your firm choice through UCAS;
  • submit your housing application online by the deadline (currently 31 May of the year of entry)
  • have not studied at a university in London (inside the M25 motorway) before

In addition, UCL will provide 365 day accommodation for care leavers in their first-year and if needed. 365 day accommodation also will be provided for UCL undergraduate students who are from care in their subsequent years of study if needed.

If you need 365 day accommodation and/or accommodation beyond your first year at UCL please contact:

Tracey Smith, Student Centre Co-ordinator, Student Advisory and Events Services
tel: 020 7679 2036
email: tracey.p.smith@ucl.ac.uk

  • The Current Students website has further details on student funding, welfare and support at UCL.
  • Directgov website provides information about student financial support and how to apply.
  • Become is a charitable organisation who provides support for young people in care and care leavers.
  • Buttle UK is a charitable organisation providing grant aid to vulnerable young people to provide the best possible opportunity in meeting their educational needs.