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Project Management for Construction BSc - Wolfgang Reiss

Student profile: Wolfgang Reiss

Degree: Project Management for Construction BSc
Third year
Subject area: Built Environment

I strive to pursue a career in the construction sector. BSc (Hons) Project Management for Construction is a very specialised course, offering RICS accreditation. Furthermore, UCL is an internationally renowned academic institution. Combined, these factors offer an unmatched entry-ticket into my aspired career-path.

I enjoy the challenges of case studies, which require BSc (Hons) Project Management for Construction students to project their scaffolding of theoretical knowledge on to real-life situations. Profound understanding and critical reasoning differentiates satisfactory works from outstanding works. I hope to further my knowledge by pursuing a Master's in Real Estate Finance.

London is a metropolis bombarding students with countless stimuli. Studying in such an environment offers unique opportunities. To take advantage of the vast amount of opportunities, students must grow quickly and learn to be pro-active.