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Philosophy BA - Ruby Dhal

Student profile: Ruby Dhal

Degree: Philosophy BA
Second year
Subject area: Philosophy

I have always been extremely passionate about studying, and one day teaching, philosophy. It's an intellectually driving and challenging programme and profoundly interesting. I came to UCL for an open day and I really enjoyed my time here and felt like I belonged – everything just fell into place, and I felt like this was the only suitable environment in which to enjoy my three years.

I love every part of my programme but if I had to choose a favourite course then it would be Applied Ethics, Marxism and Aesthetics, because I love debating and I feel most confident when I debate these topics during seminars.

Studying in London was definitely one of the main reasons I decided to go to UCL, and I have nothing to regret as it‘s been an extremely enjoyable experience so far, I feel free and happy. I wish to go into further studies and hopefully do a Master‘s in Philosophy, preferably at UCL, and then enter the education sector and become a Philosophy teacher.