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European Social and Political Studies BA - Robert Kilduff

Student profile: Robert Kilduff

Degree: European Social and Political Studies BA
First year
Subject area: European Social and Political Studies

Upon graduating, it is my current ambition to go into Law perhaps at an international level. The ESPS core unit has allowed us to explore this area of Law and instilled in me a growing interest in learning more about it all. European Law is ever-evolving and becoming increasingly pertinent to our day-to-day lives and I hope, one day, to be closer to the legislative process, whether that be as a lawyer interpreting it or as a member of the European Parliament in Brussels, something which would allow me to utilise my language skills gained over my four years of study.

UCL Careers have been particularly helpful in guiding me in the right direction to establish myself as a serious candidate for a Graduate Diploma in Law, giving me advice on the nature of volunteering work I may want to undertake and what qualities specifically Law firms want from their employees. You have access to one-to-one appointments with a careers advisor who can either help you establish exactly what it is you want to do, or give you a light push in the direction you ought to be going in towards your pre-established career aim.

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