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Linguistics (International Programme) BA - Patrick David Elliott

Student profile: Patrick David Elliott

Degree: Linguistics (International Programme) BA

Subject area: Linguistics

I found Linguistics to be an incredibly exciting subject to study. As undergraduates, we very quickly progressed from textbooks to cutting edge research which, whilst initially challenging, did a great deal to foster my enthusiasm for the field, and was encouraging in the sense that making an original contribution didn’t seem quite so far-fetched. I had some fantastic teachers over the course of my degree, including my current PhD supervisor. All of them have had in common an absolute insistence on clarity of thought and scientific rigour, which has had a long-lasting impact on the way that I think about and solve problems.

As somebody pursuing a career in academia, the primary contacts that have been useful to me have been the academic staff members. It only really became apparent how well-regarded UCL’s Linguistics Department are when I left to complete a one-year Master’s degree. Many of the staff have put aside far more time than I could reasonably expect to offer valuable advice on things such as applications for further study.