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Arts and Sciences with Study Abroad BASc - Oliver Rutherford

Student profile: Oliver Rutherford

Degree: Arts and Sciences with Study Abroad BASc
Second year
Subject area: Arts and Sciences

I chose to study Arts and Sciences because of the immense range of subjects available to study. I have always been interested in several different disciplines, so thought the idea of walking from an economics lecture to a psychology lecture to a philosophy and then to a French lesson really excited me! The best part of the degree programme are the core courses, exclusive to Arts and Sciences students. In these modules, you study an interesting range of concepts (from evolution to censorship to mathematics), and the assessments are really new and innovative. For example, we wrote blogs, recorded podcasts and we were often put into groups and asked to come up with innovative solutions to complex questions. As well as this, the opportunity to study abroad and the guarantee of an internship in my second year is a nice bonus!

I am considering three options. First, to become a management consultant. Second, work in an international institution such as the World Bank or IMF. And finally, I want to teach. My degree sets me up to do all of these things.

Living and studying in London is amazing. There is so much going on; you are in the heart of an entrepreneurial powerhouse. Through studying Arts and Sciences I have met several entrepreneurs and future leaders in London, and I have collaborated with some of them too. I really don't think you can get such an opportunity to network anywhere else. I am currently a student consulting for a start up firm. This was arranged through UCL Advances, and I am forever grateful for this opportunity!