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Natural Sciences MSci - Louise Yang

Student profile: Louise Yang

Degree: Natural Sciences MSci
Third year
Subject area: Natural Sciences

I've always enjoyed biology and chemistry, and Natural Sciences seemed to be the perfect way of combining the two. I was attracted to the programme because of the range of different science disciplines that are on offer. You can pick and choose the topics in each stream that you enjoy the most and choose to spend most of your degree specialising in one and minoring in the other. I particularly enjoyed a genetics course taught by famed scientist and writer Steve Jones, whose lectures were always overflowing with students. As there are so many different subjects on offer at UCL, there is the opportunity to take language classes and optional courses in all other subjects such as history of art or economics.

UCL is without a doubt a prestigious university and its prime location in the heart of London means that it is unequalled when considering culture, location, nearby institutions and academies. It is also advantageous for there to be such a range of subjects and courses on offer, as you meet a diverse mix of people.