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Classics BA - Laura Chan

Student profile: Laura Chan

Degree: Classics BA
Second year
Subject area: Classical World

When I got to A level, I wasn't sure what to do, but in the end I chose Classics because it is a very diverse subject; it covers literature, language, linguistics, history, philosophy, and loads more (if you choose to, of course). What drew me to UCL's programme was the wide range of courses available to Classics students; the programme allows you to choose courses from any department at UCL.

The lecturers are always happy to help; they are accessible by email, and during their office hours. Because the lecturers are actively researching alongside their teaching, they always provide up-to-date bibliographies and resources. Other than this, the lecture sizes in my department are relatively small, so there is always time for debate and discussion.

I’ve attended some useful forums run by UCL Careers. The staff are very open and friendly and are happy to organise meetings to guide you through the options. Most importantly, they are very knowledgeable about the world of work; I have talked to the departmental careers representative and he was able to answer my queries or pass me onto someone who could.