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Law LLB - Keith Wong

Student profile: Keith Wong

Degree: Law LLB
Third year
Subject area: Laws

I chose to study Law because of its huge impact on our lives. I greatly appreciate that the rule of Law has long been a cornerstone of human civilization and that it affects everyone significantly – ranging from political and economic to social issues. Also, a Law degree provides a wide range of career choices. Law is not a single unitary field but, instead, a large range of specialties.

My favourite course is Intellectual Property. The content of the course highly relates to my interest in marketing. One of the highlights was that The Rt Hon. Professor Sir Robin Jacob, a retired Court of Appeal judge specialising in this field, would occasionally participate in lectures, offering critical insights to various issues and legal doctrines.

London is undoubtedly a global city and simply unrivalled by its counterparts. Being the capital, it is the UK’s hub of governance, law, economy, trade, and culture. Members of the Judiciary and City practitioners are able to teach in lectures and participate in our activities, and students have ample opportunities to attend court trials as well as attend events organised by future employers.