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Anthropology BSc - Johanna Stegner

Student profile: Johanna Stegner

Degree: Anthropology BSc
Second year
Subject area: Anthropology

UCL's Anthropology degree is one of the very few in the country that integrates social anthropology, biological anthropology and material culture. Having done a mix of arts-based and science-based A levels, and having never formally had any teaching within anthropology I was, at the time of application, unable to decide which area I was most interested in. Therefore the broad-based programme at UCL offered the perfect opportunity for me to gain an understanding of each of the three crucial areas of anthropology.

What I have found particularly enjoyable is my studies in medical anthropology. When I applied, this course was quite new and I believe UCL, again, is one of the few places in the world that specifically specialises in medical anthropology. Had I never gone to UCL it is unlikely I would have found this area of study that I have become very passionate about.